Body and Mind Health Partners has expanded hours and a caring team so you can get the medical care and treatment you need!

We're open everyday, 7 DAYS A WEEK 7 AM - 7 PM, except on major holidays.

Body and Mind Health Partners is a primary care group located in Las Vegas, NV dedicated to providing excellent medical care to the residents of the Las Vegas Valley. We take pride in our level of service as well as being able to provide mobile vaccine and laboratory services to our patients. We have extended and weekend hours to accommodate our patients and we have a strong focus on preventative medicine and managing chronic conditions to ensure that our patients become and stay as healthy as possible.

Telemedicine visits are available for all patients. We want patients to not only feel safe and secure but practice safety and social distancing measures. Our hybrid care model of in person, telemedicine, home visits, and drive through testing ensure that our staff and patients are safe and still receiving the care they need. 

So how does our mission translate into successfully combating the Covid-19 pandemic?

Body and Mind Health Partners is dedicated to providing accurate and fast COVID 19 testing. Our Physician Office Laboratory runs PCR testing in a high complexity setting. This allows our office to give patients fast and accurate results that they would traditionally have to wait for long periods of time to obtain through their regular labs. This is an important distinction since most “rapid” tests at clinics need to be sent to another lab for official determination and result reliability can vary between 20-80%. Since the labs are done through us, at our office, under the supervision of our providers, the labs are processed in network, are over 99% reliable, and do not require an additional reference laboratory.


Same day appointments available. Most insurances accepted.