At What Age Does Pediatric Care End?

At Body and Mind Health Partners, some of our patients ask us how long their children can continue to receive pediatric care. The answer depends on a number of factors, one of which is the comfort level of the patient. We work to give our patients the best care possible at our family medicine clinic, and that includes ensuring the patient’s comfort with the doctor they see.

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Since many areas of law in the U.S. consider children adults when they turn 18, this is often the age they stop receiving pediatric care. However, some pediatricians continue to see patients until they are 21 or 23. The benefit of this is continuity of care. Having the same doctor for many years is helpful because the doctors get to know you or your child well, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time catching new doctors up to speed.

Your child also may feel more comfortable seeing the same doctor for as long as possible.

When to Change Doctors

Sometimes a change in doctors is necessitated by insurance. For instance, if you insure your child through your job and you change jobs, your new job may offer an insurance that your current pediatrician does not accept.

Alternatively, your insurance may refuse to stop covering your child after they turn 18, although many insurances allow children to stay on their parents’ insurance through age 26 now.

While your insurance may allow your child to continue to see their pediatrician after age 18, your child may prefer not to. Sitting in a waiting room full of toys and being shown to an exam room decorated with dinosaurs may be off-putting to teens and young adults, even though these experiences are perfectly normal.

The Body and Mind Health Partners Advantage

What’s great about Body and Mind Health Partners is that we are not just a pediatric care center, we are also a medical clinic serving all ages. This can be very reassuring to our pediatric patients who age out of pediatric care, because they can come to the same doctor’s office that they have come to for years.

While pediatricians are specially trained to recognize and treat illness and diseases common to children, our family medicine doctors and nurse practitioners see adult patients with a full realm of needs, including physicals, immunizations, COVID vaccines, illnesses, infections and more.

We practice integrative medicine at our medical clinic, meaning we incorporate whole-health principles, holistic medicine and alternative therapies. We treat the whole patient, not just their symptoms.

We also have mental health doctors and licensed therapists on staff to deal with our patients’ mental health struggles. As you can imagine, the pandemic has compounded these issues dramatically, and one of our goals at Body and Mind Health Partners is to take the stigma out of seeking mental health treatment and get patients the healing services they need.

Bring the whole family to Body and Mind Health Partners for all your physical and mental health needs. Call today to make an appointment at our family medicine clinic.