Mental Health Doctors Treat Post-Pandemic Woes

Throughout the pandemic, mental health doctors were busy across the U.S. Living through a pandemic can be a horrific experience for adults and children alike. But some semblance of normalcy is returning to the U.S. now that COVID vaccines are widely available. So we should all be happy, right? It’s not that simple. The mental health doctors and Body and Mind Health Partners explain.

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How the Pandemic Affects Mental Health

Being constantly in fear takes a serious toll on the body and your immune system, affecting your heart and even shortening your life. Whether you are afraid for yourself, a partner or a family member, it’s exhausting.

Add to that the isolation that has accompanied the pandemic, and you have a country in the throes of a serious mental health issues. Not only is this painful for the victims themselves, but also their families and society as a whole.

Here at Body and Mind Health Partners, our mental health specialists helped patients of all ages cope with the trauma of living through the pandemic. Whether it was a teenager worried about their parents’ survival, elders living alone and worried about remaining mentally sound, or health care workers worried about getting sick and passing the virus to their family members, we have been here to help.

Post-Pandemic Mental Health Concerns

Now that anyone in the U.S. who wants the COVID vaccine can get it, some of these worries have been lifted. The virus is no longer threatening our lives. We are able to gather with friends and family and hug them. We can go out again to hair salons and dentists and restaurants.

For a long time, everyone talked about what they would do when “things get back to normal.” But it is clear that although things are greatly improved, life will never be the way it once was. More than a half-million people have died in the U.S. of COVID-19. Many of these deaths were avoidable, and the survivors who live with this knowledge struggle with the loss, and the senselessness of it.

Others are dealing with crushing debt due to medical bills. While some can console themselves knowing they went into debt to save their loved one’s life, some have lost their loved one and still owe hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Some health care workers are suffering from extreme PTSD. Some are burned out and will never be able to return to health care.

Those with non-stressful jobs who have not lost loved ones during the pandemic have not all been spared either. Many are facing severe anxiety at the prospect of returning to 40-hour workweeks in the office. Others have no job or source of income to return to.

Rely on Our Mental Health Doctors

The mental health doctors and licensed therapists at Body and Mind Health Partners understand what you’re going through, and we can help. Don’t feel guilty that you are not giddy at the prospect of the pandemic coming to an end. There’s so much more to the equation than meets the eye.

Contact Body and Mind Health Partners today and make an appointment to see a mental health professional. We accept most major forms of insurance.