Pediatric Care Center Provides Physicals & Inoculations for School

Most children will be heading back to the classroom this fall, and whether your child is in elementary school, middle school, high school or going off to college, they may need annual physicals or updated inoculations. The best place to get the checkups your kids need is at the pediatric care center at Body and Mind Health Partners. Body and Mind Health Partners provides wellness checkups, sick visits and a variety of other physical and mental health care services to children and adults throughout the Las Vegas area.

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Vaccinations for Students

For most students, school will start shortly before or after Labor Day. This school year presents new challenges, as all K-12 students in Nevada must wear masks in school and on school buses, regardless of COVID-19 vaccine status, according to a mandate signed by Gov. Steve Sisolak.

If your child has not yet been vaccinated, they can get a COVID-19 vaccine here at our wellness center if they are 12 or older. Body and Mind Health Partners strongly recommends vaccinations for all adults and children who are eligible to receive one.

If your child is entering a preschool or kindergarten, they will need immunizations against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis A and hepatitis B. If your child has been receiving regular pediatric care in Nevada, they will already be up to date on their shots. But if you’re not sure, make an appointment for your child at our integrative medicine practice.

Physicals for School

Your child’s school may not require a physical for enrollment, but if your child wants to participate in sports, they will need a complete physical to ensure that they are healthy enough to compete.

When the doctors at our medical clinic conduct sports physicals, they take your child’s blood pressure and pulse, listen to their heart and lungs, and check their posture, bones, joints and ligaments as well as their strength and flexibility. We’ll ask you whether your child has had any recent surgeries or injuries as well, and whether they are taking any medications.

At this time, if we don’t already have the information on file, we will ask about the student’s family history of illness and disease, including heart problems, cancer, diabetes and thyroid conditions. Gathering this information helps build a complete picture of your child’s health so that any issues that arise down the road will be easier to treat.

Integrative Medicine Practice in Las Vegas

At Body and Mind Health Partners, we practice integrative medicine for both adults and pediatric patients. That means we treat not just diseases and illnesses, but we work to improve your mental and emotional health as well, because we believe these are inherently intertwined with your physical health. In this way, we are more often able to reach our goal of facilitating our patients’ journey to better overall health.

Whenever you or another family member needs a physical, inoculation or a sick visit with one of our doctors, book an appointment online or call to check the availability for a same-day visit. Body and Mind Health Partners’ family medicine practice is dedicated to your wellness.