Family Medicine in Las Vegas

Doctor checking medicines

A family medicine doctor is the oldest “medical specialty” in the healthcare profession. Family doctors have long been a central part of care for everyone from children to elderly adults. As medicine has become more specialized, fewer people report having a family medicine doctor—also known as a primary care provider, or a PCP.

At Body Mind Health Partners, we believe that family medicine providers play an integral role in your overall health and well-being.


PCPs can treat a wide range of health conditions. Many people think about visiting the doctor for acute needs, such as a broken bone, sports injury, rash, or infection. Our doctors can diagnose these conditions and help you get the care you need to get feeling better. We offer medical imaging, diagnostic testing, laboratory testing, and more to help figure out what is going on when you’re not feeling well.

But primary care providers are also essential to manage your health in the long term. Our family doctors follow you throughout your life, helping you understand how to remain healthy at every age. Beginning from the time you are young, a family medicine provider understands and is familiar with your medical history. They can look at specific disease and conditions holistically—not just focused on the symptoms you have today, but looking at them in the context of your life, your health, and even your family history.

A family medicine doctor is someone you can build a lifelong relationship with. They are people you can trust to help you navigate an increasingly complex healthcare system, and coordinate care among specialists if you need it in the future.


BMHP family medicine providers take a whole-person approach to your care. They take time to get to know you beyond just a medical chart or a diagnosis. That can help them address conditions that might otherwise not get the proper attention and treatment. For example, if you come in with high levels of stress and anxiety and your PCP knows that you recently lost your job, they can help you address the situation with a more comprehensive plan than just prescribing medication.

We have highly trained physicians and advanced practice clinicians (APCs) who treat and manage a wide range of conditions and diseases. We can help with chronic disease management, including:

  • Diabetes (type 1 and type 2)
  • Heart disease
  • Weight management and obesity
  • Kidney disease
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Cancer

While many of these conditions also require care from a specialist, your PCP can help you coordinate everything in one place so you get the best treatment and avoid the issues that can arise from siloed care from multiple providers or facilities.


Come see our family medicine providers and establish your care today with Body Mind Health Partners. Call 702-799-3582 or schedule your appointment online and get the ongoing care you need from a trusted primary care provider.