Integrative Health

Integrative Health

When most people think about healthcare, they think about doctors and medical professionals who focus on diagnosing and treating specific diseases. While this is an important part of care when you have an acute illness, it’s often not the best approach to care for you and your family. At Body Mind Health Partners, we believe in a more comprehensive approach to care using an integrative health approach.

The focus on healing—rather than on disease—can help you find better care that addresses not just your physical needs but also your emotional and mental health needs. Your body is a series of integrated systems that all have to work in combination with one another to achieve optimal health. Every person is different, and what works for one might not work exactly the same way for another.

We create personalized treatment plans that focus on a partnership between your provider and you as the patient. We’ll help explain all your treatment options, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of certain approaches, so you can make a decision about how best to manage conditions and diseases as a whole. At BMHP we don’t believe in just narrowly treating symptoms; instead we want to help you achieve the best quality of life.


Body Mind Health Partners providers have access to traditional (allopathic) medical treatments and therapies, as well as alternative therapies. We don’t believe that either approach on its own is the best. But we do believe that when used effectively together they can help you achieve a better healing response.

We’ll help you understand all the interventions available to treat your conditions and manage your diagnoses. All of the treatment options we provide are evidence-based and based on good science. In addition to treating specific diseases, we’re also focused on the important role of preventive care to avoid unnecessary care and high costs in the future. We know that managing your health effectively today can help you slow the progression of disease or prevent it entirely.


The health of your family is important, and taking steps today to get the care you need can help you and your loved ones optimize your health. We take into account all aspects of you as a person—your physical health, along with your environment and your emotional and mental health. From pediatric care throughout your adult life, we’re here to help you achieve the best possible outcomes with the most inclusive approach to your medical treatment.

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