What Is Integrative Medicine?

Have you heard of integrative medicine? Even if you have, you may not be entirely certain what the term means. Integrative medicine has its roots in holistic care. At Body and Mind Health Partners, we practice integrative medicine, and that means we treat not just disease, but the patients themselves.

integrative medicine

Holistic vs. Allopathic Medicine

You are likely familiar with holistic medicine — the practice of treating a whole person rather than diagnosing them with a specific issue and treating only that. Holistic doctors take into consideration a person’s lifestyle, habits, emotions and factors other than strictly their physical health.

At Body and Mind Health Partners, our licensed MDs and nurse practitioners integrate holistic concepts into traditional allopathic care, providing our patients with the best care by drawing on both healing methods.

Body + Mind Health Connection

Although the concept of how mind affects health is well-accepted, integrated health care is still not common in doctor’s offices and medical clinics across the U.S.

It takes significantly longer to interview patients about their habits and how their lifestyles might affect their health. Not all doctors and clinics are willing to take the time to do this. At Body and Mind Health Care, we tailor our questions to patients based on their complaints and symptoms.

For instance, we may discover a patient with high blood pressure is under a lot of strain at work, coping with a divorce and dealing with a chronically ill child. While we may prescribe pharmaceuticals to bring the patient’s blood pressure down, we may also recommend therapy, dietary modifications, exercise, yoga, meditation or another method of learning how to better cope with life stresses. These other methods of addressing the high blood pressure may eventually negate the need for oral medication.

Integrative medicine recognizes that each patient is an individual, and what works for patient A may not work for patient B. Our staff believes strongly in the use of pharmaceuticals when necessary, but also considers how addressing patients’ mental and emotional issues plays a large part in their physical health.

Integrative Health Care: Best of Both Worlds

At our wellness center, we stress the connection between body and mind, offering not only visits for physical issues, but mental health services as well. The mental health doctors and licensed therapists we have on staff are here to help patients of all ages with any issues they are struggling with.

Our goal is help our patients achieve optimal health — both mentally and physically. We understand that medical bills can be just another stressor that patients have to deal with, and that’s why we accept nearly a dozen of the most common insurance plans.

Additionally, while holistic and naturopathic care is often not covered by insurance, integrative health care more often is, so you are able to get the care you deserve without having to unfairly foot the bill.

For the best in integrative health care, make an appointment today at Body and Mind Health Partners.